I was recently asked the above question. The answer is… it depends. Every situation is different, so there is no one size fits all answer. Generally, though, SSDI is social security disability income.  It is directly tied to a person’s income and is considered income for the purpose of establishing a support order.  To the extent that the SSDI recipient’s children also receive benefits, there is a provision at DCF 150.03(5) that addresses giving the payer credit for those payments.  SSI, on the other hand, refers to supplemental security income.  It is a form of public assistance and is not income under Wis.Stats s.49.96.  As such, it is not considered income for the purpose of setting support. Other types of benefits (VA, State) have to be evaluated separately.

People think if they talk to the cops, they can help themselves out, especially if they are innocent.


You know your rights by heart. So you know “Anything you say can and will be used against you.” They don’t say “Anything you say will be used fairly to decide if you are innocent.”

If you want to know what “Used against you” really means, and if you want to see why you should never talk to cops, watch these two Videos:

Never Talk To The Cops, Part I

Never Talk To The Cops, Part II