Why do you like sex offender laws? So you can get on the internet and make sure you aren’t moving to a neighborhood that has sexual predators, right?  Well, sorry, the law won’t help you anymore. Last year, people who touched someone on the butt while dancing in a bar got ordered to register. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that some kids who did nothing sexual at all had to register. State v. James W. Smith, 2010 WI 16.  Smith was just a drug case where a 17 year old was involved in a drug case.

How does it protect your kids for a person to be on the list if they aren’t a sex offender?  It doesn’t, but it does guarantee that this one kid, who did something stupid, will never get the chance to grow up and fly right. He’ll never get an apartment. Won’t be able to have contact with kids. Won’t be able to get a job. He’ll have no choice but to commit more crime.  Way to go criminal justice system.

The sex offender registry only protects you if the people on the registry really are sex offenders.  If you dilute the list with common criminals, you won’t be able to tell the misguided from the dangerous. And uncertainty never helps you make a good decision.

One Response to “Sex Offenders are people who do NOT commit sex crimes?”

  1. jendreamer says:

    I will go even further and ask whether a list is “fair” or not at all? Why can murderers get out of prison and live down the street from you but not be on any list? Why can violent aggressive batterers or burglars be allowed to move in down the street without being on a list? What about drug dealers who sell drugs to kids, they don’t have to be on a list. Having this list sets a certain group of people up for failure and it’s really an absolute contradiction. If someone is released from prison it’s because they’ve served their time and supposedly that amount of time and supposed work on themselves while inside prison has allowed them to become “reformed”. If those two things are truly the case then why do they have to be on a list for life, isn’t that extending their sentence? If they’re truly “reformed” then there is no need for a list, if they’re not then they shouldn’t be out of prison. It’s also not fair that an 18 year old person who has sex with their 16 year old girlfriend/boyfriend has to be put on that list. Maybe evaluating prison sentences would be better than a list. Perhaps putting more money into education would be a better use of time and money than the time and resources it takes to maintain this list. It has been researched and proven that the more educated people (in general) the less likely they are to commit crimes (at least those crimes that are not white collar crimes). The whole “justice” system is unjust, quite ironic.