Here is an interesting link that dares to say something very politically incorrect: that maybe no fault divorce isn’t such a good thing. No fault divorce means anyone can walk away from their marital contract for any reason or no reason at all. There doesn’t have to be any “breach of contract” like infidelity or abuse. Now I don’t think anybody should be trapped in a bad marriage, but at the same time I think people shouldn’t be able to ditch their spouse and kids on a whim. I believe that the system of no fault, with it’s lack of accountability, goes too far.  If one spouse cheats and the other files for divorce, the innocent spouse, who happens to earn more money, shouldn’t have to pay alimony to the cheater, right? If you breach the marriage contract by cheating, why do you deserve income equalization? It’s more complicated than that, I know, and I am certainly not talking about not paying child support — kids are always the innocent ones in these situations — but I am committed to the idea that accountability should be part of the process.


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