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Chris Doerfler, Our Founder
Chris Doerfler came up from the workingman’s world. He was on his own when he was 18 and put himself through college working in ditches. Building cabinets. Running a Bobcat. Tamping – if you’ve ever tamped, you know what we mean. That’s work. Chris met a lot of people working those 14 hour days in the hot sun, and there’s two things he learned. One, working men and women are some of the hardest working, most decent folks you’ll ever meet. And two, it’s a heckuva privilege to get to be a lawyer. Chris still works 14 hours most days, but he never forgets that he gets to be warm on cold days and cool on hot ones. And he never forgets the people who worked alongside him on his journey and the people who helped him get where he is. He knows the economy is always tight for regular folks, and he knows regular folks need lawyers too. So along with providing super good legal services, the Badger gives you a super good price.

BadgerLawyer’s Client Service Philosophy: Listen, Evaluate, and Explain

Chris believes that success in the legal arena is not as much about getting a certain verdict, but about getting the results his clients want. Choices in the legal system are never easy. A complex array of factors goes into every decision. What are my chances? What happens down the road if I do this or don’t do that? How much will it cost me? Can I go through a trial without having a nervous breakdown? How will this affect the kids?

People faced with legal troubles have to find their own balance, that comfortable spot where all the competing concerns come together to form a goal that best works for them. Sometimes that’s all out warfare – trial without any chance of compromise. Most often, clients are looking for something a lot gentler than that.

What’s important is that the first thing Chris will do for you is listen. Not just hear the words coming out of your mouth, but genuinely listen. Hear you and learn what you are thinking, needing, suffering.

Chris Doerfler Lawyer

After that, Chris will evaluate your legal situation. This means he takes the facts of your case and projects the most likely results for all the strategies available.

Then, he will explain to you what the possible outcomes are, which are realistic, and which aren’t. He’ll give you the news honestly.

Then, once your questions are answered, you and Chris will decide on goals. How do you want your case to come out?  Do you want your day in court, or is settlement in the cards? Are you innocent of some charges but willing to deal on others? Are you flexible on support but firm on visitation? Can you handle the stress of trial? Are the facts with you or against? You and Chris will work together to decide what path to take.

Once goals are established, Chris will set about accomplishing them. You will remain an integral part of this process. Unlike some other lawyers, Chris believes you should stay closely connected to your case and your litigation team. That means call any time with questions, and we’ll be glad to let you know how things are going. Remember that short phone calls are always free. Together, you and Chris will find the best possible way to accomplish the best outcome possible for you.

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