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Flat Fee Cases: Even at a discount rate and a promise to keep the cost down, sometimes you’d rather not risk an open-ended fee arrangement. In almost any case, BadgerLawyer is happy to quote you an up-front, single price on a case. We’re very flexible. If you want us to handle only part of a case, we can do that. If you want us there for the whole thing, we’re there. If you are in a business that has regularly occurring legal needs, talk to us about how we can convert those to flat free programs.

Discount Personal Injury: Everybody else charges up to 40% or more for personal injury cases. We don’t. Our standard rate is 33.33%. Either way, it’s just more money for you.

Hourly Fee Cases: Just like traditional law firms, we do some of our work on an hourly fee basis. This means we bill you by the hour for our time. The difference is we don’t ding your bill for every short phone call or email. (Some firms charge $50 minimum for a phone call!) Our policy on stuff like that is if it’s under 2 minutes, it’s free. See the link for more details.

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