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Wisconsin Crimes Information

Every crime in the criminal code is listed below. With very few exceptions, you should be able to find what you are charged with below. 

Wisconsin Crimes are divided into several “chapters” of the Wisconsin Statutes. Click on a chapter below to view the statutes in that chapter. If you are looking for a specific crime, the first three numbers of the statute mentioned correspond to the chapter number.
(For example, Battery is Section 940.19, so you would look for it under Chapter 940.)


That the crimes listed below are not the exact text from the law books and are for information only. We’ve edited them to make them simpler to understand and for space. We cut a lot out to keep them from being too confusing. These abridged statutes still provide the essence of the law, but many of the finer points are missing.  If you want to see the full text of the statute, you can look it up at Wisconsin Statutes.

Click on the links below to find out more inforamtion on each “chapters” of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Chapter 940. Crimes Against Life and Bodily Security
Chapter 941. Crimes Against Public Health and Safety
Chapter 942. Crimes Against Reputation, Privacy and Civil Liberties
Chapter 943. Crimes Against Property
Chapter 944. Crimes Against Sexual Morality
Chapter 945. Gambling
Chapter 946. Crimes Against Government and Its Administration
Chapter 947. Crimes Against Public Peace, Order and Other Interests
Chapter 948. Crimes Against Children
Chapter 951. Crimes Against Animals
Chapter 961. Uniform Controlled Substances Act

Images of Wisconsin Crime Examples