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Have you ever bought a car? Or better yet, a time share? Remember how gosh darn friendly those salespeople were? Like they were your best friend for life. Some salespeople are so good they make you forget the one thing that should always be right front and center: they are their to take your money.

Insurance Sales PersonMost people don’t realize that when they are dealing with insurance companies after an injury, they are dealing with the same salespeople. The insurance company has a legal obligation to compensate you for your losses. That means they are holding on to your money. And the way they make money is to get you to agree to take a smaller share for yourself, and let them keep the rest.

Insurance companies are some of the most profitable companies out there, because they have some of the best salespeople, and a huge advantage – you don’t realize you’re being sold to.

So what is it that is being sold? It’s your claim. All the loss and damages you experienced from your accident are the product. The insurance company is under contract – the insurance policy – to purchase it. So they try to negotiate the best price they possibly can. And, since they handle thousands of claims daily, and you do this once in your life, they have the upper hand.

Remember. Their only goal is to pay you less.

They’ll never tell you that, of course. They’ll say, Can we take a recorded statement for our file? Or can we go ahead and get you reimbursed for your car? Or would you go to our doctor to evaluate your injuries to help move this along? What they mean is:

Will you give us evidence to help us pay you less than your claim is really worth?

 I think you will agree, the answer should be “No.” If you decide not to have a lawyer, you should be very careful about how you speak with the adjustors. An attorney would advise you not to speak to them at all, particularly not in a recorded interview. Instead, an attorney would put together a demand package that put your claim in the best possible light for maximum settlement value.

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